Intended use:

This gallery is available as a rental art space, primarily for various types of fine art.

Period of use:

Rental periods are partitioned into denominations of 7 days (Thurs. to following Wed.).

Operating hours:

11:00am to 7:00pm

Hire cost:

For a single 7 day period of use there is a daily fee of ¥60,000 (+ tax). *seasonal, student discounts also available.

Cancellation fee:

If the exhibitor chooses to cancel an exhibition there is a cancellation fee of 50% of the total usage fee (cancellations made within 6 months of the exhibition start date will be subject to the full usage fee as payment).

Hanging / removal of artwork:

Exhibition hanging commences from 11:00am, the exhibition is taken down between 5pm to 7pm.


8 movable wall panels(1.15m), Changable ceiling and spot lighting、 Movable exhibition hanging wires (max load 30kg), 6 display units(0.55m(d)×1.1m(w)×0.6m(h))

Gallery space:

Height 2.5m, Exhibition wall space(excluding removable panels)approx. 35m, Exhibition wall space(includingremovable panels)up to 53m